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Training Services For technology professionals and university students

We offer a variety of standard and customized training solutions for professionals in telecommunications, engineering and IT who wish to learn more on certain key areas in wireless, networking and software. The training courses are typically in short course format, and either in-person in a classroom or lab setting, or online (life and real-time, e.g., using WebEx).

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Recent Testimonials

  • testimonial on DWS teaching from NTUST

    Chi-Hsien S 3-day WCET class

    I think this course is good. It lets me recall about all the communications issues.

  • testimonial on DWS teaching from Canadian Dept of Defense

    Frederic D 1-day online LTE class

    The material was well put together, and Daniel did a good job presenting it. I appreciated how he was able to predict some of the questions we might have in, in particular with the discussion regarding the advantages and trade off concerning OFDMA vs SC-FDMA and why one is chosen over the other one for a particular interface.

  • testimonial on DWS teaching from Broadcom

    Kuan-Yu C 3-day WCET class

    This course helps me realize the concepts for wireless communication system.